DOTA 2 Major host Rich Campbell responds to bizarre cameo in Pornhub video

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  Campbell’s reaction to the extremely NSFW PornHub sextape called “I couldn’t resist f***** this girl” was the perfect way to respond to a cameo that no one could have expected.

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  “Hosting a Dota Major is one of the proudest moments of my life,” Campbell said, “But to see how much you guys loved it, nothing beats it. Shout out to the couple who loved our analysis so much they made love and recorded it with us in the background.”

  The video has been getting tons of hilarious reactions from esports enthusiasts, and Campbell joked to Dexerto?that his “voice is an aphrodisiac” which “further proves the scientific study that six children are [conceived] during every desk segment I am a part of. This is the pinnacle of all my achievements.”